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Welcome to Lottental


Wald & Golfhotel Lottental
Grimbergstrasse 52a
44797 Bochum


Wald & Golfhotel Lottental
Grimbergstrasse 52a
44797 Bochum


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Old building restored

More room for feeling comfortable & workshopping

Conference room / 3 comfort rooms / buffet area

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Forest & Golf Hotel Lottental

In the middle of the forest

We welcome you to our 3 star garni hotel, situated right in the middle of the forest in Bochums south – only 10 minutes to the city centre, 5 minutes to Ruhr University, 30-45 minutes to the trade fair centres of the region.

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"There is no sweeter pleasure than to surprise a man by giving him more than he hopes"

- Charles Baudelaire -

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Fitness - Recreation - Lust for live


Rowing, sailing, paddling on the Kemnader See and cycling, hiking, skating around the reservoir - theatres, music theatres, variety shows - an overwhelming spectrum of over 200 museums in the region - gastronomic variety - all of these are easily accessible from our Forest & Golf Hotel Lottental.








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Our hotel is situated right next to the Ruhrtalradweg – the Ruhr valley cycling track.

3-Star Garni Hotel

In our 3 star garni hotel a personal atmosphere, individual care and an informal, attentive service awaits you.