Breakfast room

Our Facilities

Our 80 rooms offer a pleasant feeling of living, our special concern is that our guests feel at home during their stay - regardless of whether they are business people or weekend visitors.

Forest & Golf Hotel Lottental

Hotel in general

  • Hotel bar
  • 24-hour-reception
  • Reception service for reservations, bookings, advice and information
  • Hotel safe
  • Free wifi throughout the hotel
  • free daily newspapers at breakfast
  • Fax service (charge via telephone units)

Check In/Out & Breakfast

Check In from 3pm monday - saturdy.
Check Out until 10am.
Breakfast until 10am.
Sunday Check Out until 11.00 h.
breakfast until 11.00 am.

Hygiene in these times

We do everything to protect guests, visitors and our team. You should feel comfortable all around and be able to move carefree and carefree in all areas of our house. Our hygiene standards have been optimized. All employees and partners are set and prepared for an adapted hygiene level. Trust us.

The public areas

are cleaned and disinfected by our team at short intervals. There are several options for hand disinfection. When you arrive at the reception desk, we greet you in a protected but cheerful manner and our eyes shine even more.

The rooms

are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected under current hygiene requirements.

The fitness area

is finally open again.

Our location

is always very special and also perfect now. Close to and quickly in the center, but at a good distance, so as not to be in the hustle and bustle. The Bochum region has a lot to offer and you have the perfect starting point for excursions in all directions. We are happy to help you plan and reveal our favorite leisure destinations.

We want to have a good time with you

We do not have to stand together to stand together and wish that everyone makes their contribution to the health of all of us.

We ask you to consider our hygiene principles:

A smile replaces a handshake one hundred percent.

Keeping the given distance is a big sign of mindfulness for everyone.

For many things, but especially for the hands:
Always stay nice and clean, preferably with regular, 30-second washing.

Cover mouth and nose in all public indoor areas with protection.
If you don’t have one with you, you can buy one from us for € 1.40.

Please have your elbow or a handkerchief ready – keep to the sneeze and cough labels.

You don’t feel well before arrival? Call us if you want to postpone the trip. We will find a solution.

Together we can do that and if we are strong and persevere now, we can certainly meet each other again very soon.

We are confident that with the good air in the Ruhr area, the pleasant atmosphere of our house, the considerate people and the measures taken, we have the best conditions to stay healthy. No matter whether a happy reunion or a new acquaintance with you.

We are looking forward to our guests

Call us, or send us an E-Mail

Stay cheerful and healthy!

Your Lottental team  

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